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Posted on October 19, 2016

Short story number six is about to be released in the anthology Fantastic Worlds from Future House Publishing. Titled “Lucky Day,” the story features a character from Got Luck and the events of the story run parallel to the first chapter of that novel. While it is a stand-alone story, there are some fun bits that readers of the novel will especially appreciate and there are a few hints to other things that will take place in future novels.

Fantastic Worlds follows the anthology Future Worlds, which is a science-fiction collection with the story “Spera Angelorum” included. There’s no connection to the Behindbeyond universe for this story but it was fun to write about what might happen when one of the most-beloved writers of the 1800s meets the most famous magician of the 20th century on a far-flung planet in the distant future.

As part of the development of Fantastic Worlds, I contributed to a Kickstarter campaign because I believe it’s worthwhile to support creative endeavors and the premiums were too cool to pass up. As a result, an illustration was created and I got to be drawn as an Aevian Warrior from a story written by my friend, Kevin Nielsen. Artist Jeff Harvey is extremely talented and I love how mighty the flying warrior looks and the dynamic action of the scene that captures the action of the story perfectly.

While more short stories are in the works, the remainder of 2016 will be spent getting Got Hope, the sequel to Got Luck, ready for publication. More stories should see print next year.

The Future Worlds anthology is available now and the Fantastic Worlds anthology will be available shortly. For all anthologies and novels Click Here.

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