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Posted on September 11, 2016

September 1-3, 2016, marked the annual Comic Con in Salt Lake City, which is always a great time to hang out with other authors, glimpse the visiting movie and television stars, see the latest pop-culture products,  and check out all the interesting people in cosplay.

I met an adorable Honey Lemon when she stopped by the Future House Publishing booth and purchased a copy of Got Luck. (Which reminds me, I need to watch Big Hero 6 again!)

What always becomes a strikingly interesting point at these conventions is the opportunity for connecting with people. Most authors prefer to sit in their Quiet Spots and write and (with luck) the books get published. Then they are read by wonderful people we never get to meet. A percentage of readers post reviews, and those are very much appreciated, but nothing compares with getting out of the Quiet Spot and into a sometimes Loud Spot to connect with readers who (we sometimes forget) are actual human beings.

I love going to conventions. It’s nice to hear, “Hey, I read your book! It was great! When is the sequel coming out?” and I can tell them by the end of the year and they promise to buy it. More importantly, though, it’s great to collect conversations, faces, and names (even if they’re animated movie characters) to reinforce the point that I’m writing for real people, which is wonderful and a little scary and very motivating.

In the end, Comic Con 2016 was very successful for us and I’m back at home again, refreshed and energized, in my Quiet Spot, putting the final chapters together for the next book.

I hope Honey Lemon will like it.

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