Spring Giveaway 2017

Welcome to the Fun

If you’ve found this page, we must be friends! Hello! Below you’ll find out how you could win free novels or stories from The Behindbeyond while helping me build the best bunch of book-reading fans ever.

What Can I Win?

Of course, you’ll want to know right up front what’s in it for you. I totally understand. I’d feel the same way. Here then are the deets on the goods.

The Grand Prize – One totally lucky winner will get the complete, autographed set of Behindbeyond Tales, which includes both novels in the series, Got Luck and Got Hope, as well as the two anthologies Obvious Things and Fantastic Worlds. The first anthology includes the prize-winning story, “The Mark,” featuring characters from the novels and events that happen before Got got his powers. The second anthology includes “Lucky Day” detailing events concurrent with chapter one of Got Luck from a second character’s point of view. This story also sets up plot points for the third novel in the series. But wait! There’s more! The Grand Prize winner will also get a printed copy of the third novel in the series, Got Lost, to be published in early 2018. If you include all the stories in the anthologies, that’s a total of three novels, twenty-four short stories, and one potential case of Behindbeyond overload.

Runner-Up Prizes – Four predominantly lucky runners-up will win a free copy of any one of Michael Darling’s published works. Choose from any of Michael Darling’s novels or anthologies or even postpone gratification and wait for book three, Got Lost. You can find information on my books here on the site.

Everyone Wins – The first 10,000 words of book three, Got Lost, are happily residing in the rough draft of the manuscript, which means a sneak peek of chapter one could be yours. Anyone and everyone with at least one entry in the giveaway will be given access to chapter one of Got Lost when the contest ends. What’s coming up for Got in the Behindbeyond? Find out next month!

How Do I Enter?

Some writers like long lists of subscribers, but I’m looking for one or two new readers from current fans and followers. Just one or two readers who are fans of stories like those found in the Behindbeyond tales. It doesn’t do an author any good to have a million subscribers if they aren’t readers. So, consider one or two people in your circle of friends and family and share the news.

There are three ways to enter:

Option One: Facebook Event –  I have created a Facebook Event, which can be found on the Behindbeyond Page. If you haven’t Liked the page yet, doing so will gain you an entry. If you’ve already Liked the page, ask one new friend or family member to Like the page and post a comment that includes your Facebook ID in it. Then they’ll get one entry into the giveaway but you’ll get two entries. Naturally, if they have a friend comment with their ID, then they’ll get more entries as well.

Option Two: Newsletter Subscription – For those who have used the Subscribe Page on this site, I send out a predictably unpredictable newsletter (more or less each month) with news and surprises. All new subscribers will receive one entry. In a follow-up email, they will be asked if they were referred by someone and they’ll just need to include your email address in their response and you’ll again get two entries. New subscribers can get other new subscribers, of course, for more entries.

Option Three: Direct Contact – If you aren’t comfortable turning your friends over to the Fae or having your face on social media, just send an email or a private message and each of those contacts will be counted as one entry. It will be great to hear from you!

How Many Entries Can I Have?

Each reader can have up to four entries. And, please, keep it honest. Using all your email accounts or Facebook IDs to get a bunch of extra entries will defeat the purpose of the giveaway and cause the universe to question the legitimacy of your parentage.

When Will It End?

Entries will be accepted for 30 days, until June 10, 2017. Facebook entries will be accepted up to any page limits. Newsletter subscription entries will be accepted up to 1,200 new subscribers. Winners will be notified and prizes distributed by the end of June 2017.

Thanks a million much!