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The Peaks of Madness


Features the short story “Blank Check”

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From the creators of Old Scratch and Owl Hoots, It Came from the Great Salt Lake, Apocalypse Utah, and The Hunger, comes the next installment of New Utah Horror: Peaks of Madness: A Collection of Utah Horror.

The Horror Inside will drive you mad!

Some will resist. Others will give in willing. You may even find that you like the psychosis, of original Utah Horror. Thirty lunatics have come together to produce the finest and most original unpublished writings, since losing their minds. Experience the delusion and insanity of this new collection of horror in poetry, flash, and short fiction.

Hypnotic flesh eaters, ghosts of the past, ritual killings, time loops in hell, Ted Bundy’s murder-sex, sub-dermal insects, homicidal hauntings, and asylum wanderers will thrill and fascinate you on the way out of sanity.

Lovecraft’s typewriter will type out your last words as you lose your mind, proclaiming the stories within, the best to have ever been penned.

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