Michael Darling

Feasty-Feast and the Bram Stoker Awards

The short story “Feasty-Feast” has been recommended for a Bram Stoker® Award in the Short Fiction category. The Bram Stoker Awards are presented annually by the Horror Writers of America organization and represent one of the most prestigious honors in speculative fiction. So far, the story has only been recommended, which is not the same thing as nominated. To make the ballot, works need to be recommended by at least five different members of the organization or selected by a panel of anonymous judges. If the story makes the ballot, it’s officially nominated. Then finalists are chosen and, eventually, awards presented to the winners.

It’s wonderful to have the opportunity and I’m grateful to have been recommended! The powers that be will provide an update on January 20, 2019. So I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed until then.

Remember, you are what you read!

“Feasty-Feast” was published in the anthology The Hunger: A Collection of Utah Horror in February 2018. The anthology is available for purchase.

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